This is my tumblr blog for posting my own personal things I have created. Photos, music, videos, just writing, whatever the fuck
Its just more of a journal

The thought of making new friends and meeting new people intimidates me more than I could express. I feel so horrible about myself and because of that it’s hard for me to be anything but incredibly quiet and shy. I’m sure people assume I’m just stuck up, but really, I’m just so uncomfortable with who I am to even strike up a conversation with someone who seems perfectly nice. I’m terrified this will be a problem in the future with my boyfriend and I. I don’t want him to get annoyed with the fact that I never want to be with lots of people. Of course I will always be okay with him doing what he would like, I personally just feel really uncomfortable. I’m the kind of person who slowly warms up to one person at a time, that is how I’ve always been. And because of that, I don’t feel good enough for him. I feel like he deserves someone who is fun, outgoing, carefree, and just knows how to live life. He deserves someone better 

Elvis is so sexy. I literally can’t even get over him. Why. 

if i have a crush on you i’m so sorry

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You’re missing from my life